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Ray and Edith Aspiri
Beth and John de Groen
David Foege Memorial Fund
Art Hansen
Janice Wall and Chanda Carlson


Leslie A. McIntosh
James Roark Jr.
John Stratton and Carolyn Webster-Stratton
Karin and Bob DeSantis


Karen Baer and Rick Wallace
Janet and Tracy Bishop
Jeff Carson and Marcia Bruya
Grace and Gary Christophersen
Judith Fong and Mark Wheeler
Jean Gardner
Dick and Mona Hardy
Kevin and Eadwynne Hoffberg
Lindsay and Dana Hofman
Ted and Susan Kutscher
Chai Mann and Joy Thal Mann
Ann Nicklason and Allen Ressler
Christopher and Nancy O’Brien
Kathy and Doug Pine
Beth Preslar and Raleigh Roark
Kasia A. Stahancyk
Janie and Kirk Starr
Cindy and Stephen Stockett
Patrick W. Sullivan
Dave Van Horn
Susan and Bill Rives


Craig and Lynette Beles
Marilyn and Eric Blitz
Mary and Whit Carhart
Marilyn Green
Marie Stanislaw and Steve Abel
Catholine and Stuart Tribble


Christine Anderson
Jo Ann and Tom Bardeen
Robert Blackstone and Randee Crisman
Mary O'Leary Bryant and Dennis Bryant
Judith Burwell
Pat and Ellen Call
Jane and John Campbell
Vicki and Ted Clabaugh
Todd and Sylvie Currie
Walt Ebell and Dianna Gentry
Cliff and Carol Eckman
George Heidorn and Pheo Martin
David and Gigi Jack
Donna and Bob Kellum
Gary and Margaret Koch
Gordon Kritzer and Nancy Case Kritzer
Nan Leiter and Ina Oppliger
Jennifer Lindsay
Zabette Macomber and Kelly Straight
Janice Mallman and Tom Skarshaug
Paul Martinez and Renee Roman
Nell Miller
Tom and IdaGay Nicolino
Betty and Don Olson
Mary Margaret and Todd Pearson
Anthony Raugust and Joseph C. Curiel
Herbert Reinelt
Cathy Sarkowsky
Julie Speidel and Joe Henke
Lillian and Stan Thorsen
Robert Tobin
Eric and Mary Walker
Anthony and Gina Winkler


Jean and Robbin Allen
David and Helen Andrews
Wally and Kathy Arnold
Kimberly and Scott Benne
Ben Bonkowski and Susan Hedrick
Mary Lynn Buss and Ronald C. Simons
Mark H. Davis and Melinda Ellis
Donna Dederer and Larry Jay
Kathleen & Richard Farner
Georgia Brown Galus
Betty and Charles Gardner
John and May Gerstle
Molly and Hal Green
Rowena Hammill and Doug Davis
Frank and Mary Hosick
Jeffrey Jones and Tom Nelson
Gay and Neil Jungemann
Anne H. Kappelman
Michael and Nancy Kappelman
Karen and Bruce Kirschner
Roberta Krimmel
Janet McAlpin and David Godsey
Kevin and Jennt McMurdo
Brenda and John Moore
William and Betty Morse
Elizabeth Nelson
Bob and Cindy O'Brien
Melinda Powers
Robert and Sheri Shull
Teri Smith and Carolyn Davidson
Margaret and Hal Squire
Pamela and Greg Theriault
Thea Vernoy
Chuck Weinstock and Kim von Henkle
Sue and Rich Wiley
Melodie Woods


Adam and Anne Atwell
Thomas Baker ans Stephanie Halstead
Dan and Gillian Brandt
JR Crawford
Cathie Crouse
Pamela De Ryss and Neil Wiesblott
Phil Dunn and Stephen Floyd
Sheila Eckman and Berneta Walraven
Richard and Barbara Emmons
Howard and Adam Ende
Wendy Finkleman and Derek Churchill
Geoff and Terri Fletcher
Marc and Gwen Gavin
Stephanie Harlan and Charles Backus
Don and Mary Lou Harlander
Dayl Holst
Pam and Dwight Jewson
Alex Kochan and Michele Scoleri
Ellen Kritzman
Cay and Lee Leavitt
George and Ann Lewis
Kay Longhi
Leslie Mackie
Linda McFarlin
Jane Neubauer
Roger and Emma Newby
Lisbet Nilson and Mark Ashida
John and Kathy Olsen
Jacquie Perry and Jeff Berend
Marcy and Terry Rice
Harriet Rubenstein and Marty Brigham
Gay Schy and Charles Torrey
Mary G. L. Shackelford and James S. C. Burke
Bill and Lynne Shepherd
Sylvia Soholt
Nancy and Gene Studer
Douglas and Kathleen Tuma
Sybil Weber
Ina Whitlock


Melodie and J. Andrew Adkins
Emma Amiad and Susan White
Kay Arthur-Farris
Amy Baldinger and Emily Belshaw
Trista Baldwin
Jay anf Joan Becker
Tyler Benjamin and Larry Meyer
Stephen Benowitz and Tink Campbell
Laura Bienen and Tom Rogers
Jennifer and Sam Brenner
Stephanie and Christopher Bric
Sarah Bunch and Alejandro Polo Nunez
Maureen Burke and Pearce Cobarr
Michael Cameron and Massimo Azzini
Gary and Marnie Cannon
Bruce snd Debi Cekosh
Carmen Chacon and Julie Werbel
Kent and Mechtild Chappelka
Patrick Christie and Stephanie Barbee
Nell Coffman and Ray Hanowell
Dede, Nancy and Dan Connolly
Linnea Cookson and Bruce Keefarver
Kim Cronin-Hillman
Janelle and Duke Davis
David Derrer and Carole Mullin
Tom DeVries and Marijke van Heeswijk
Sarah Driggs and Jim Diers
Anne and James Dulfer
Abel and Kim Eckhardt
Steven Ellis and Peggy Rubens-Ellis
Joseph Farmer and Evan Stults
Karen Fevold and Hans Van Dusen
Gilbert and Jean Findlay
Lynda and James Fitzpatrick
Sally Fox and Steven Brown
Wendy Gage
Bill and Nan Garrison
Jennifer Geisinger
Julie Gibson and Bob Jones
Richard and Stephanie Gordon
Suzanne and Tag Gornall
Lynn Greiner and John Midgley
Fiore Grey and Kuba Holuj
Joanna Guglielmino and Kirk Haupt
Rob and Ginger Hamilton
Merna Hecht and Rob Crawford
Eric and Spring Hecht
Remony and Robert Henry
Amy and Toby Holmes
Wayne E. Holt and Phyllis E. Kaiden
Tom Hughes and Elizabeth Shepherd
Lisa and R. J. Jaguzny
John Jannetty and Andrea Bellon
William Jarcho and Susan Traff
Bruce and Janice Johns
Stephanie Johnson Blomgren and Hans-Erik Blomgren
Kathy and Doug Jones
Susie Kalhorn and Greg Burnham
Denise Katz
Christopher and Ann Kemp
Jessica and Darragh Kennan
Erin and Doug Kieper
Stacy Kihlstrom
Ana Kimball
Andrew and Jennifer Krikawa
Jonathan and Rebekah Kuzma
Lani Ladbon
Brenna Larson
Kathleen Mary and Casey W. Lawrence
Alex and Rich Lentz
Charles and Charlotte Lovekin
Lori Lowrance and Eric Paulus
Sara Manetti and Jed Gorden
Linda Mather and Don Canfield
Tara McBennett
Pamela McMahan and Jacob Schlumpf
Mari McMaster
Laura and Michael McMillan
Tim and Sandie McTighe
Michael Meyer and Shannon Seath Meyer
Anna Milewska
William Mitchell and Stephanie Jewett
Arlette and Steffon Moody
Sy and Ric Novak
Haley Odegard
Joe and Jeanie Okimoto
Jennifer and Carl Olsen
Valerie Orlosky
Sarah Perlman and Monica Damore
Wes and Lisbeth Peterson
Cynthia Phillips and Michael Pankratz
Donna Poucel and Keith Mummaw
Keith Putnam
Mark and Lisa Radford
Kathi and Russ Ray
Susan and David Reed
Cheryl and Dexy Richmond
Jean Richstad and Daniel Brown
Walt and Pat Riehl
Peter and Jill Rinearson
Jennifer and Christopher Roberts
Catherine and Betty Rogers
Zoe Rothchild and Wade Kramer
Marcia Rubardt and Charlie Pieterick
Eric Rucker
Judith and Michael Ruegamer
Melissa Sackett
Jeff and Carol Sayre
Paul and Sharon Schoen
Amber and Chris Sechrist
Edith Sehulster and Philip McCready
Stephen Silha and Gordon Barnett
Max and Jane Slade
Barbara Smith
Ron and Barbara Smothermon
Michael Soltman and Kristen Haugen
Jenny Sorensen
Keith Stern-Pirlot
Tricia and Clint Thompson
Tom and Stacie Trigg
Carrie Utic
Carrie Van Buren and Joel Hille
Ron and Laura Weston
Laura and Phil Wheeler
Joanna Wiebe and Tim Baer
Jay A. Williamson and Bailey de Iongh
David Willingham and Elizabeth Freeman
Rebecca Wittman and David Bolin
Stacey and Don Wolczko
Rob Wood
George and Chip Wright
Kurt Zumwalt


Jill and Murray Andrews
David and Jean Aspinall
Sharon and Doug Aukland
Teresa and William Bourke
Tom and Nancy Brenner
Brian and Sheila Brown
Julie Burman and Bob Sargent
Martha and Bruce Calfee
William Carr and Beng-Imm Low
Brenda Cotter and Chris Burdge
Gail Cunningham and Sara Wood
James and Edna Dam
Hunter Davis and Wilson Abbott
Michael Denslow and Emily Herrick
Gaye Detzer and Steve Rubicz
Robert and Marlyce Dixon
Carol and Bob Ellis
John and Marita Ericksen
Robert and Mary Faine
Gerry and Mike Feinstein
Kay Frey and Ethan Russo
Robin and Jim Gage
Gary and Pam George
Robert Gibbs and Heather Houston
Joe and Suzy Green
Barry Grosskopf and Wendy Lustbader Grosskopf
Anita Halstead and Kelly Robinson
Carolyn Harrison
Linda and Chuck Hoffman
Nancy and Eric Hosticka
Clare C. Kallsen and Larry West
Jack Kirkman and Judy Carr
William E. and Susan Kirschner
Christopher and Catherine Konrad
Ray Konrad and Ida Zodrow
Steven and Diane Luwe
Steven MacDonald and Rita Altamore
Margaret and Melvin MacKey
Luke McQuillin and Susan McCabe
Cindy and Jim O’Brien
Anne and Brian O’Leary
Carla Okigwe and Lee Moriwaki
Judith and David Parker
Karen and Guido Perla
Kay and Stan Pieringer
Susan Pitiger and Joe Allison
Tanya Roberts and Paul Kolenbrander
Claudia Ross-Weston and Al Weston
Betsy Savides and Terri Campman
Bud and Sue Schwaegler
Randy Smith
Ann Spiers and David Frank
Tom and Jaralene Spring
Michael and Sheila Squillace
Julie Stenger
Susan Stronach and Bob Konas
Mary Jo and Robert Svendsen
John and Diane Sweetman
Mimi Thompson and Gene Carlson
John and Harriet Van Buren
Patricia Van Den Broek and Bob Custer
Jim and Mary Woodring
Carol Zabilski and Richard von Kleinsmid


Kristin Adams
Melissa Balcom
Sara Bennett
Robert Berley
Michelle Cohen and Kevin Furr
Toni Doane
Linda English
Elizabeth and Dylan Fitterer
Candy Gamble
Angela Gist
Joanne Goforth
Susan Gress
Lindsay Hart
Janna Ignatow and Zoey Wilson
Kirsten Jennings
Daniel Klein
Peter and Karol Lake
Rebecca Lanphear
Meghan Matt
Suzanne McIntosh
Joleen Mullins
Jan Neutz
Susan Parker
Nancy Paul
Lark Pelling
Cynthia Perkins and Michael Shook
Lisa Peyer
Brent Poole
Susan Rack
Mary Kay and David Rauma
Annie Roberts
Karen Rogers
Leslie Serebryakova
Marla Smith
Pam Stenerson
Carole Sussman
Carolin Turner
Margie Wetherald
Beth White
Sue Willingham


Dagny Adamson
Jean Andrus
Shirley Beasley
Betty Lou and Barry Biggs
Marie Blichfeldt

Marilyn Bolles
Weston Borden
Elizabeth Boutin
Marian Brischle
Colleen Brooks
Katie Bunnell
Ann Marie Carson
Zoe Cheroke
Nancy Davidson
Myrla Dean
Judy Dore
Pat Eastly
Bart and Toni Eaton
Hilary Emmer
Martha Ernst
Marjorie Fish
Kathleen Fitch
Wally Fletcher
Bud and Jill Floyd
Linda K. Fox
Robin Groth
Annie Hamlin
Jamie Hatten
Sharon Hines-Pinion
Carol Ireland-McLean
Deborah T. Jackson
Rhoda B. Karusaitis
Heron Keating
Martha Keenan
Robin Keller
Andree Kolling
Karen Lockwood
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Sharon Morris
Joann Nielsen
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Dolores Stead
Sylvia Stead
Nancy Stone
Deborah Stuart
Ed Tobiason
Ellen Trout
Lynn T. Wilhoit
Patricia Woodley


Roger Kris and Lynn Anderson
Ruth M Anderson and Ralph Moore
Fletcher Andrews
Bobbi Arnold and David Erue
Jeaneen Bauer
Christine and Darsie Beck
Lee Beck
Rosemary Belknap and Richard Krug
Nancy and Mark Bennion
Eileen and Harvey Bergman
Barbara Bradfield
Al Bradley
Brian and Tara Brenno
Morgan Brig and Ken Widmeyer
Mary Margaret and Daniel Briggs
Emily Browne
Emily Burns
Sandy Burns
Greg Bush
John and Carolyn Candy
Dannielle Carbone
Sue and Colleen Carette
Larissa C Clark
Paul and Catalina Colwell
Marjorie Cornell
Deb Shandling Crawford
Will Dacus
Kristine and Rick Dahms
Karen Dale
Lisa DeFaccio
Christina and Laurent Dubois
Michael Elenko and Fran Brooks
Jean Emmons
Ivonne and Robert S Escobar de Kommer
Kim Farrell and John Cornelison
Marcus Fellbaum
Georgianne Fiorini
Brian Fisher and Peter Criss
Susie Fitzhugh
William and Jasper Forrester
Karen and Pete Fox
Britt Freda
Lee Gelb
Leah Gerrard
Jeff and Susan Good
Anne Gordon
Janice Goucher
Penny Grist and Larry Muir
Barbara and Rick Gustafson
Lisa and Randall Guy
Roger Hall
Joanne Hammer and John Rupp
Gretchen Hancock
Pattie and Dean Hanmer
Elaine Hanowell
Charlotte Hansen
Roxy Hathaway
Eric Heffelfinger and Margaret Tylczak
Randy Heit and Karen Aspiri Heit
Paula Hendricks
Nancy Kaumeyer Herrington
Sharon Hines-Pinion
Brent Houston
Lin Holley and Colin Hennessey
Ed Holmes
Susan E. Hormann
Gail Howard
Joe Illg
Pam Ingalls
Barbara Jennings
Kathy Johnson
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Lori Kay
Susan Keatts and Steven Caldwell
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Rondi Lightmark
Rachel Lordkenaga
Linera Lucas
John Luke
Loren Lukens
Gale Lurie
Michael and Adria Magrath
Shannon Mahan
Mike Maher
Kit Malone
Sean Malone
Steve and Cathy Malshuk
Charlotte Masi
Mary McAleer and Mark Milroy
Karina Juliana McDonald
Marcia McKinzie
Eleanor McNamara-Blad and David Blad
Daniel Meisner
Carole Meriam
Stephen Meyer and Pamela Houghton
Gary Milligan
Peter Milovsoroff
Megan Minier and Kevin Wing
Suzanne Moore and Donald Glaister
Rochelle Munger and Cliff Simpson
Sharon Munger
Jessie Murray
Meredith Neal and Emmett Pickerel
Eric Nelsen
Larissa DeRuyter
Dawn Nielson
Irene Otis
Ellen Parker and Jason Staczek
Debra and Dick Paulsen
Silvija Paza
Karen and Richard Person
Ray Pfortner and Nancy Wing
Kent Phelan
Jayne Quig
Jenn Reidel
Ilse and Hartmut Reimnitz
Kristen Reitz-Green
Jenna Riggs
Judith Roan and Ron Reeder
Mary L. Robinson
Charles and Nancy Roehm
Susan and Richard Rogers
Michael Rosenberg and Francesca Fuller
Kathy Ross
Mary Rothermel and Thomas Northington
Paramasivam Samanna and Cathy Spagnoli
Jessika Satori
Fred Sayer
Jon-Eric Schafer and Tamara Hahn
Gus Schairer
Kathryn Schipper
Steve Schlossman and Barbara Dennard
Erin Schulz
Carol Schwennesen and Jerry Gehrke
Peter and Susan Serko
Stephen Silha and Gordon Barnett
Nancy and Gary Sipple
Marla Smith
Kathyrn Sposato and Jack Barbash
Nancy Taylor Stonington
Andie Styner
Joan and Glenn Tegen
Kathryn Tonnessen
Steve Touger
Susan Tower and John Overton
Allison Crain Trundle
Marianne Twyman
Dalinda Vivero and Debbie Rieschl
Francoise Von Dwingelo
Hita Von Mende and Carl Craine
Kathleen Webster and Bob Horsley
Barbara Wells
Bonnie and Tom Wilkins
Sally Ann Williams
Valerie Willson
Cory Winn
Anna Witte
Martha and John Woodard
Joan Wortis and Donald Cole
Leslie Wu
Jeffrey Zheutlin
Todd Zimberg and Maggie Laird