On Vashon we all know the power of the arts. Can you help continue to build a home for wiggly feet?

Art and movement are a necessary and important part of life, especially for children. VCA has spent decades bringing this to our Island.

In 2015, nineteen government agencies collaborated with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to create a detailed literature and gap analysis called The Arts in Early Childhood: Social and Emotional Benefits of Arts Participation. It was a massive undertaking and is driving social change at a national and local level. But its conclusion is something we already knew on Vashon: Kids need art. It helps them grow––physically, emotionally and mentally strong and dynamic.

The joyful and often tumultuous creation and consumption of art is a part of the spirit of Vashon. It helps define our vibrant community and it is a shared value that pulls us together. This spirit and our shared passion have brought decades of classes and shows to life.

Just this past year, VCA offered 140 art classes for more than 1,400 students. This includes summer camps and classes, late start arts programs, a comprehensive dance program, theatre and hands-on visual arts classes. VCA has made possible the Vashon Island Artists in Schools program, bringing dozens of art teachers into the classroom in collaboration with Vashon Island School District for 30 years and reaching about 80% of all Vashon public school students.

VCA is a community supported arts organization. Your support is a foundation upon which we build. You make the arts come alive. Your support has given audiences the opportunity to laugh, cry and be filled with wonder at show after show after show. This is part of what makes Vashon special. You are sustaining our work and our community. It defines us and our island. Please help us continue to make a home for Wiggly Feet on Vashon Island by supporting VCA.

We are here because donors like you choose to keep the Arts flourishing on our Island. Thank you for making a commitment to the arts in our community.

As a non-profit organization, our members and donors are extremely important to us!

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Remember-all gifts are tax-deductible. Your donation, large or small, will ensure future arts programming provided by Vashon Center for the Arts to thousands of Islanders.