Jet City Improv

The Lost Folio: A Shakespeare Improv

The Lost Folio is one of Jet City Improv's most popular improvised plays, with actors performing a fully improvised play in Elizabethan style using the language and themes of William Shakespeare. This is an accessible version of Shakespeare's works where the audience is invited to add plot devices, character flaws and steer the story to its unexpected conclusion. This requires performers who can think very quickly on their feet, and the cast must not only have a working knowledge of Shakespearean tropes, speech and characters, but to also deliver all of it without pause. This irreverent improv performance will challenge some preconceptions about Shakespearean theater as a stuffy and pretentious craft. Instead, you can expect rollicking humor and laughs, all delivered with some iambic dialogue, rhyming couplets, and clever parody. It's the newest and most exciting comedy that Shakespeare never wrote!

Jet City Improv presents
The Lost Folio
Vashon Center for the Arts
Saturday, August 5, 7:30 pm
$16 VCA Member/Student, $18 Senior, $20 General

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