Remembering Art Hansen


Art Hansen was a man who made art his whole life. His iconic images of barns, flowers, gardens, ponds, landscapes and even some depicting his sense of humor have graced many Vashon Island homes. He has become a much sought after artist and well renowned as a prominent Northwest artist. His use of line work and seeing nature from a different perspective created his distinctive style. His work spanned many different kinds of media–watercolor, lithographs, etchings, oil and pen and ink. He was highly accomplished in all of them and very prolific.

Art was always so generous with his work. He often gifted his work to his many friends and to his two dear sons. Over the years Art supported Vashon Allied Arts, now Vashon Center for the Arts with many print sales of his etchings. People would line up an hour before the sale just to be one of the first people in the door. People loved his work and they loved him!

For well over 25 years, Art has graciously given VAA /VCA countless lithographs to give to donors in appreciation of their support. Art always said to me, “I love having VAA on this island, I wouldn’t want to live here if VAA was not here to support the arts.” This was a huge gift that Art gave to this community and he so loved seeing his work hanging in people’s homes around the island.

I feel so truly honored to have known this gentle, kind and generous man both as an artist and as a dear friend. I have loved every moment getting to know him and have so enjoyed selling his art over the years in countless gallery shows, print sales, art auctions and even some private sales. He will be greatly missed by many of his admirers and friends. The next time you see a Westside sunset, a flaming red poppy or that Northwest barn, think of Art Hansen, one of the great artists of our time.

—Janice Mallman, former VAA/VCA Gallery Curator

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