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The Misadventures of
Cap'n Arrr

November 18

Cap’n Arrr, the greatest pirate to never sail the seven seas, makes his first voyage to Vashon. The Cap'n brings his interactive pirate character for fun and excitement, no matter the age. A comedy performance that will have kids (and grown-ups) rolling on the floor, this pirate's program is packed full of audience participation and includes basic instruction in walking like a pirate, talking like a pirate and laughing like a pirate too! Come dressed in your pirate “garb”!

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Thistle Theatre presents The Tales of Two Bad Mice

January 20

Based on the book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, this spectacular puppet show illustrates the day two mice discover a dollhouse. On a search for food, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca are driven to outrageous behavior when they learn that the delicious looking food is made of inedible plaster! They smash dishes, throw doll clothing out the window, tear up pillows and carry off articles to their mouse-hole. After finding such destruction, the child puts a policeman doll outside the front door. What will the mice do next?

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Book-It Repertory Theatre presents

WHOOSH! Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions

by Chris Barton, Illustrated by Don Tate

February 17

A story of a cool idea with a big splash! You know the Super Soaker––one of the top 20 toys of all time. An accidental discovery brought it into being: experimenting with a new cooling system for refrigerators and air conditioners, inventor Lonnie Johnson instead built the mechanics for the iconic toy. A love for rockets and robots was evident in Johnson’s early life. Growing up in a house full of brothers and sisters, he demonstrated persistence and a passion for problem-solving, the cornerstone of his career as an engineer and work with NASA. Yet his invention of the Super Soaker water gun made the most memorable splash in popular culture.

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